Soothe shaved head irritation

Ouch. Take a look at Aaron's neck below, fresh after a shave. He's got red bumps on his head after shaving and redness on his scalp.

Does the same thing ever happen to you? Looking for a razor burn cream? Razor bumps on head? 

Our two favorite options for soothing shaving rashes are:

Bedrock Balm: our best shaving cream for razor bumps. It's plant-based and infused with calendula, rosehip seed oil and lavender to quickly calm bumps. Bedrock Balm is also effective as a hair bump cream.

Freshstick: our vegan deodorant for men has matcha green tea to calm irritation and the zinc quickly rejuvenates redness.

Enjoy soft, smooth skin and forget about razor bumps on your head after a haircut with Bedrock barrier skin care.

razor burn shaving head bedrock balm freshstick