Startup story | our biodegradable deodorant

This is hard to admit.

I was scared to launch Freshstick in the hottest month of summer.

Toxin free deodorants allow pores to breathe, and those sweat glands work overtime in August to cool you down. I wanted Freshstick to have the best possible first impression (think January).

But. Fear was a stupid reason to delay the launch because it wasn't the truth. It wasn't a statistic. Wasn't data. Fear was a made-up story in my head.

Freshstick stands alone. It doesn’t need a cold weather advantage. It already has the ultimate advantage: 22% zinc oxide and matcha green tea. It's the strongest natural deodorant and the best smelling natural deodorant.

So. What fear can you walk over today?

Because I conquered MY cold feet, you can still get our skin deo Freshstick for $5 off during our limited-time launch party.


Freshly assured,


P.S. “I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears to do ...” Eleanor Roosevelt

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