stick skincare on the way

You've given me a nice list to work on this year! Here's a recap of what you've been asking for:

Stick skincare for our red skin corrector. I wasn’t convinced at first, but after the Freshstick swipe, I totally get it. Thank you. Coming in 2021.

Blemish balm in a stick. Once I buckled to the Balm, I knew a blemish stick was next.

Bedrock Bundle. Whether you need to restock or gift, get our skincare bundle set for a discounted price.

Bigger sizes. No one asked for a bigger anti redness balm for years and now I’m being asked every week. You got it. Coming in 2021 - a regular size and a biggie.

Bedrock, our skin barrier skincare, is growing her bangs out this year. We’re dancing between jars, tubes and new design in a little grow-out phase. I’m using bobby pins, lots of hair spray, and embracing the change. It’s gonna be good.


Go big or go Balm,


P.S. Our zinc oxide moisturizer update: rave reviews from the focus group. Back to the lab for a tweak. Expect deep nourishing hydration without water. Count on major multipurpose tricks.