Stoma barrier cream for sensitive skin

Folks with feeding tubes can get irritated, red, painful skin around them. Here is Hannah’s skincare story using our durable barrier cream, Bedrock Balm.

Hannah wrote: “I want to tell you about my favorite lifesaving products Bedrock. Over a year ago I started using Bedrock Balm on my feeding tube because the stoma (hole) isn’t perfect so stomach acid and food leaks out. I hate using Neosporin and other creams like that because they are so greasy but Bedrock Balm isn’t. Here are two pictures below that show the difference before and after Bedrock with only 12 hours in between.

We don’t just use Bedrock for my feeding tube stoma, it is our go-to for cuts, scrapes, the gross dry skin on my elbows, chin rub, and cracked lips. My husband and I both have jars on our nightstand because he kept stealing mine!”

Here’s a picture of Hannah’s stomach, before and after she used Bedrock Balm as her stoma care cream.