Stoma care | skin breakdown cream

Chelsey has been using Bedrock Balm, our skincare for redness, to care for her daughter's g-tube, and reports her results below:

"Confession. I was hesitant to buy Bedrock Balm for my daughters G-tube, I can't even remember how I heard of it now actually. I must say though, it literally has changed her life and mine. I have used Bedrock Balm daily since I got at Christmas and still have half a container! I no longer have cystic acne after using Porefector, my daughters G-tube has no granulation tissue, anything red or itchy goes away overnight after using Bedrock Balm.

We live by the Great Salt Lake and the mosquitoes are horrendous and I am so allergic to them. Since using Bedrock I never have to suffer again. It great for cuts and scrapes. Sunburns find relief quickly. I definitely will be a lifetime customer."

Thanks Chelsey for the review. We're thrilled to hear our best cream for skin barrier repair is helping your daughter. 

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