Stoma care cream

Need a gentle, natural stoma barrier cream? We make Bedrock Balm, a skin barrier cream for colostomy. Our zinc barrier cream has rich botanical oils to calm irritation, soothe sensitive skin and provides barrier protection so skin can rejuvenate. 

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Rachael C said: "We were gifted some Bedrock Balm  stoma barrier cream to use around my son's gtube site that often gets irritated from colds/sinus infections as well as cold weather and friction with movement. 

Granulation tissue just looks painful and we don't love using the steroid creams his doctor prescribes for it.

Bedrock Balm works wonders on his stoma site AND is also great as a diaper rash cream! When I say we have tried everything, we have but now with Bedrock, we have found a winning combo to use.

I have also become a fan of the Freshstick zinc deodorant! I was about to give up after trialing several natural deodorants and unsuccessfully finding one that works. I can't wait to see how it holds up in the Tennessee summer humidity!
Feeling so thankful for Bedrock products this morning!"