Strong aluminum free deodorant

Lolo has always struggled with being sweaty and stinky. Her husband once had to roll down the car windows because “his eyes were tearing up like he cut an onion.”  

She even had to stop hugging because of her stench.

That’s just sad.

Lolo said: “I was never able to use antiperspirants and when I did, they never worked for my heavy perspiration. I came to realize that my stench was stress & hormone related, but no matter how much mindful meditation I do, life still goes on and it stresses my calm.

I had come to accept my wet pits and have no embarrassment for them.

But I could never accept the smell.

I tried so many natural deodorants. I tried adjusting deodorant pHs. Nothing worked. 

Until Freshstick.

I cannot put into words the freedom that Freshstick has given me. 

Freshstick is amazing. It glides on smooth, doesn’t stain my shirts even though it’s oil and zinc, and if that wasn’t enough, I can wipe out the container and compost it.

I only need to buy it twice a year, use it on my pits daily, never have to reapply, and also use it under my breasts. Gives that sweaty area some nice silky smooth love. Why isn’t the whole world wearing Freshstick?”

You might not think deodorant can save the world, but if it can save hugs, we say it is.

Learn more about Freshstick, our strong deodorant without aluminum. Our zinc based deodorant can take on your toughest stink. It's a natural deodorant for strong body odor and the best natural deodorant for stinky armpits.