Zinc Moisturizer survey results

Thanks for your valuable input for the zinc oxide moisturizer survey.

Here's what you said:

49% want our zinc moisturizer to be versatile for day or night (the winner). Rich and creamy for overnight was 30% and light for the day was 20%.

41% of you want it to soothe redness and blemishes (the winner). Next was plump and protect skin (31%).

Since your list of "must-haves" was so good, I included the entire list below.

We'll get to work. Stay tuned on when the Bedrock moisturizer will launch next summer!

As unscented as possible.
Very light scent, tubes are great!
An unscented option for the sensitive skinned, please!
i always love a good squeeze bottle!
As clean as possible, please!
skin loving ingredients please
No scent
Unscented and no plastic
I don't mind light scented products. Simple packaging is great.
I love coconut scent. Recyclables are key :)
Something that is awesome for eczema or psoriasis! Anything!! ❤️
No scent is best
Fresh clean scent or no scent is preferred, do t like the extra chemicals that come with scent. Packing is important, a tube to squeeze is the easiest for traveling and best way to control the amount of moisturizer.
Tube or pump
Light scent . No citrus smells .
no plastic packaging please
No scent
Sustainable packaging
Fragrance free
No scent
no scent
love recyclable or reusable packaging. a light scent is preferred, to cover the mineral scent
a light scent, maybe vanilla or a clean citrus
No scent or a very subtle scent
Love your glass packaging! A jar is fine with me.
In a jar
fragrance free, recyclable packaging
Fragrance free including no essential oils
In packaging that does not require a spatula. ☺️
I love scent of fresh stick so maybe something like that, but a little lighter.
Unscented, no petroleum, no preservatives
I would like to see it in a squeeze tube and for it to have a nice essential oil scent.
Love all the current scents. Also love lemon or citrus fruit scents. Would be great to have some tinted product because there's nothing like going out to the store and realizing i have a white dot on my face. LOL
Would love if it was hydrating!!! Love citrus or minty scents
Roll on or stick
No lavender please!
Unscented or very light tropical scent
Unscented for men, almond scented for women. Easy to use packaging.
Eco friendly everything.
If there's a way to get the scent to be citrus like (like a vitamin C type deal) that would be awesome!
Zero fragrance or essential oils as they cause sensitivity. Glycerin is great also please keep some zinc in. A pump for hygiene and product preservation is ideal. Non comeogentic or pore clogging. Just a pure moisturizer with no actives to soothe dry flakey skin.
Scent free. For Rosacea prone skin
No scent. Pump package preferred over tub
Unscented or lightly scented
Light, fresh scent. Creamy texture.
Fragrance free for eczema prone skin
No scent
No overwhelming scent. Simple packaging
Clean formula for sensitive skin, recyclable packaging is always great!
Non scented and with an spf protection component
fragrance free, hypoallergenic, plastic free if possible
Scent free? or very light.
Vanilla, collagen, glass jar
no scent
SPF if you do a daytime version! Maybe even tinted! :)
Scent free please!!
love your current scent profile!
Sweet pea if have or any light flower smell
Soft vanilla scent
No scent. And since it has zinc oxide I would assume no other sunscreen is warranted for a daytime moisturizer? If that is what you ultimately chose to create
No mint/menthol
i do like best if it has a nice clean smell ;)
light scent
Very light to no scent
I liked all 3 of the choices. I love the bedrock balm❤
whatever you do shall be genius!
Scent free would be great for those of us with Rosacea
environmentally friendly packaging and sun protection, please
No scent please!
Mild scent, but not medicinal. Something that can be both travel friendly and sit pretty on the counter.
Not gross smelling smells neutral smells or lemony
No special requests. Love your products!
I scented or a natural scent (ex-lavender essential oil). I prefer a pump or tube as opposed to a jar.
Fresh scent, coconut oil,small jar vs. Tube
Organic and non-polluting
No scent
Non scented, would be nice if it had pore reducing capabilities as well. Packaging, I like a squirt bottle instead of a jar I have to dig in.
No scent please
Glass container, light scent
No artificial ingredients
Lavender or no scent
Unscented. Also I think a tube of moisturizer is My favorite form. I feel like the stick form you never get use of all of it, when it gets near the end you can’t use it. But a tube you can squeeze it all out and then even cut the end off and scoop the rest out!
Fragrance free/unscented
All plant based!
Lite scent
no scent
No strong scent... fragrance free would be ideal
Not heavily perfumed
Coconut or rose scent. Packaged in jar with applicator spatula/spoon
No artificial fragrance or at least not too much fragrance
Strawberry and peach Scent
Fragrance free for sensitive skins :)
No added scent
Lavender scent. No florals
eco-friendly packaging, and unscented is nice for sensitive skin like mine
Get rid of crepe on upper arms!
Prefer no added fragrance, no mineral oil, no drying alcohols. Prefer pump packaging or flip-cap top (so I can't drop the cap).
Unscented & same shipping to Canada as in the US so I can buy it! :)
my favorite scent is the aveda "shampure" smell. ahhhh
Unscented, packaged in a tube or pump so you don’t have to stick your fingers in it.
no plastic. glass container with plastic pump would be good, or just a jar. a light fresh scent would be nice, nothing super strong.
Recycleable packaging, natural scent
no fragrance, packaging where you can get to all the product
Unscented or light scent
I really like the Matcha scent from the deodorant, would that be to weird?
no scent
No scent
Your choice-you’re good at it
No preference
Would love a baby powder smell or a light clean scent.
No scent or light/minimal scent
I would love like something that is easier to apply than the current bedrock balm I love it but like agree with the stick or like something so smooth it could be pumped out. Or something
Unscented, has a pump so you don't need to stick your fingers in a jar
A jar that's wider than its mouth makes its contents difficult to access.
Something similar to the balm where it has a rich texture but melts down into skin!
Same as bedrock balm
Zero waste or biodegradable packaging, please and thank you.
prefer no scent
Scent free
No fragrance due to asthma. Little, little, plain packaging. Consider the environment and recycling but as little possible! Waaay too much packaging these days
No scent!!!
No scent, natural ingredients, no chemicals
Im suggesting a night cream, so I would think with it having zinc in it, it would need to be in a jar which is totally fine. I don’t know much about this stuff so I don’t know what else to suggest. I have sensitive skin but love your Porefector!!
I have super sensitive skin. Can't have anything too heavy
Something to help older skin to minimize wrinkles without clogging pores.
No fragrance
Glass packaging. Minimal scent for sensitive skin
Light citrus scent
I love the smell of bedrock balm!
No scents, please.
as many natural ingredients as possible and sustainable packaging!
Light or no scent
Unscented or natural scent
Natural scent. No added perfume, please.
something light and fresh