Natural Rosacea Skin Care That Works

@RosyJulieBC is a YouTuber and blogger sharing her products for rosacea with friends everywhere. Check out her latest blog post and video sharing her experience with Bedrock Balm, our best natural moisturizer for rosacea.

Julie writes: 

Ever since my old favorite natural skin care company closed (read all about that in my “Saying Goodbye to My Favourite Natural Skin Care Company” post from last year), I’ve been on the hunt for new products that work. I’ve found a few things I’m comfortable with, and a few that will tide me over until I find something I like a lot more.

I’ve been trying lots of products along the way.  Most have been meh, but some stood out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always in a good way.

The first product I tried this year (not Bedrock Balm) left me with a horrible, slap-like stinging flare-up. Usually, I would spend some time recovering my skin by going back to the most basic of basics. I’d wash my face minimally but gently, moisturize, don’t use any “treatment” or “anti-redness” products and give my skin the chance to heal and get balanced before I’d try something else.

Though I’d used that reaction-inducing other product that morning, I decided to get started with Bedrock Balm that night.  I followed the directions and gently cleansed my face (saying goodbye to the other product forever), gently applied a tiny amount of the Bedrock Balm (a little goes a long way, as I’ve discovered time after time with natural skin care for rosacea), then topped it off with the moisturizer I’d been using at the time, a face oil.

Ho-ly cow! I can’t tell you how much better my skin felt after my first night using Bedrock Balm (but I’ll try).  The irritation was wayyyy down and my skin was perfectly comfortable again.  It still looked a bit blotchy, but the pimple-like bumps were gone, and the stinging had eased away.  It felt fantastic.

I waited nearly another 2 weeks before recording a YouTube review video about this natural skin care product. In my experience with testing products on rosacea, the first impression isn’t always the lasting one. I’ve had products seem miraculous in the first few days, then turn into a nightmare. I’ve also (more frequently) found that my skin reacts terribly to a product when I first try it, but if I hang in there, the situation changes, and my skin seems to become used to the ingredients.

I guess rosacea has to acclimate to everything from prescription to natural skin care products before it makes up its mind. I can relate. I struggle with change sometimes, too.  That said, even after waiting, my skin love, love, loves Bedrock Balm.

Julie also includes her personal method for applying Bedrock Balm: 

I wash my face in lukewarm water, pat it dry with a soft, fluffy towel, and apply the Bedrock Balm.  The texture of this product is different from that of other types of natural skin care for rosacea that I’ve tried. It’s nearly a solid (though it could be because it’s winter, and I keep my place pretty cool – around 18ºC – to help keep my skin happy. I’m curious to see if it softens as the weather warms).

I use my ring finger – my weakest and therefore gentlest finger – to rub onto the surface of the product until I have a teensy amount on my fingertip. I pat that onto the rosacea-affected part of my face. It usually takes one “refill” for each side of my face.  Only the smallest amount is needed, which means that I expect the little 15 ml (0.5 oz) jar to last for months.  Once the product has been tapped onto my face, I gently spread it over the area to be sure it’s distributed evenly.

For more details, read Julie's full article here.

Thanks for the thorough review Julie - we are thrilled it works❤