The best way to get rid of ingrown hairs

Ugh. Got an ingrown neck hair? An ingrown hair on leg? The ingrown hair scars? Or wait, what about ingrown beard hair? Ingrown hairs are super annoying, especially when they get red, bumpy and irritated.

You're probably looking for an ingrown hair remedy and we've got the ultimate hair bump product for you.

Bedrock Balm is the best way to get rid of ingrown hairs. Our natural zinc cream soothes redness and irritation so hair bumps get calm and smooth again. This plant based skin care is packed with essential oils to tone and clarify your skin so ingrown hair can resolve. Bedrock Balm helps to detox your pores so you've got healthy hydrated skin.

Brittany said: "I read that Bedrock Balm can help with ingrown hairs (I purchased for cheek redness only) so this morning I put some on an ingrown hair and went to apply another coat before bed and in not even ONE full day, my ingrown hair is almost gone. I cannot believe it! This ingrown hair has been a pest for a month now so for it to almost go away in one day is insane! I’m excited to see what else this magic balm can do."

Bedrock's hair bump cream is super multipurpose so you can use it for an ingrown hair on bum, hair bumps on neck, along with hair bumps on private area.

Bedrock Balm comes with a love it guarantee! Try it here today.

The best way to get rid of ingrown hairs bedrock balm