travel skincare

I’m taking the remote thing seriously.

During the pandemic, your skincare for irritated skin packages have been sent from Kauai (some of you noticed the tracking and thought your Bedrock was taking a vacation without you), from an RV in Montana, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, and presently from Bend, Oregon.

I've realized running a zinc oxide skincare business remote is great until you run out of product or wi-fi.

Fortunately, I left my neighbor a key before we left for Kauai (I sent her postage, she sent me redness cream). RV life was tricky, but the Grizzly RV park had good office wi-fi. A friend came down to visit us in Oregon, and I begged him to find the hidden key and bring more blemish balm.

Traveling during the Bedrock baby phase was nice (makes me remember lunch dates with a sleeping baby under the table), but now that Bedrock is an unpredictable toddler (read: stuff sells out), asking friends to break in to send me product has to end.

No matter where I go, one thing remains: I’m obsessed with making the best multi purpose skin care products. Even if it means sending your package through the islands first.

Cheers from 97702,


P.S. The owner of our current rental house found me online and bought Bedrock for her entire family. She now follows me on Instagram, which means if I’m leaving stories, she can tell if I’m keeping her house clean. Happily, she’s a gem and wanted more of our best anti redness skincare when I met her!