Video review for best cream for pores on face

Meet Amber, the force behind Amber’s Beauty Chair. She spent a MONTH reviewing Porefector, our best cream for blemishes, and reports her results. Check out her video, complete with before and after shots, all using Porefector.

We caught up with Amber and asked her a couple quick questions:

How did you get started with YouTube? I watched some of the OG creators and thought, I can do that! I filmed my first video on a point and shoot camera. It was so grainy and the lighting was terrible! 

What’s the impact you want to leave? That women should be empowered to feel beautiful with or without makeup. Women should stop judging each other just because they like different things. 

What’s your superpower? I can do an unusual amount of burpees. 

How was your skin like before Porefector? After? It usually is pretty good except when I have those occasional breakouts. When they get large and inflamed Porefector helps those blemishes go down much quicker! 

You can find Amber on Instagram at or YouTube. Thanks to Amber for such a thorough review, testing Porefector as a blemish balm cream, pore minimizer, and blemish primer for blemish prone skin.