Video review | Blemish skin care for dry skin

porefector blemish care for dry skin
Robin left this 5-star review for Porefector, our no makeup face blemish balm, and we had to call it out because she discovered such a great skin tip to get rid of redness on face if you have dry skin.
She writes: "I don't write reviews. In fact, I've been using Porefector for months now and have even reordered and it has taken me this long to write a review. I love products and love trying new products. I have combination skin and when my skin gets dry, I like to try hydrating, luxurious lotions, but every time I have tried them in the past, my face breaks out (chin area mostly).
With more time on my hands these days, I've discovered something new. Not only have I continued to use Porefector as a spot treatment when I have a breakout, but now, I use Porefector as a base on my trouble areas, then layer on the hydrating lotions and it is PREVENTING breakouts.
This sweet little jar of magic is not only a fixer but also a preventer!! EVERYONE needs this (and Bedrock) in their arsenal."
Robin - awesome job playing around with Porefector.  You figured out how to
use our blemish spot cream and tackle blemishes before they show up!
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