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Want to know how to shop small and local in Seattle? With a little fashion advice along the way? We caught up with stylist and content creator Jenn @whatjennwore on what she's been up to:
What's an average day like for you?
My average day is currently a bit of a groundhog day, while I juggle remote learning, constant home projects, and work. I have three kids, so ensuring their success has become my primary focus (especially during this pandemic). 
As such, even during the "normal" school year, I spend most of my working hours before 2:00.  I'm a morning person, so I prioritize my projects both around my optimal morning motivation and my children's schedule. 
After 3:00 all bets are off!  And my ideal bedtime is 9:00 (I could go to bed with my kids at 8:30, if it weren't for my rigorous skin care regime!)
How did you get started on Instagram and create such a following?
I got started on Instagram nearly 8 years ago now?!  At the time, I was trying to build my styling business and began writing a blog and using Instagram as a tool to market to potential clients.
It didn't take me long to realize that women in search of a stylist weren't reading many style blogs nor following style accounts on social media. However, I did reach another audience and, subsequently, have shifted the focus of my business to primarily speak to women, such as myself, who are juggling multiple priorities yet want to remain true to themselves both in their personal style and with their beauty, health and wellness goals.  
How did you start content creation?
As part of the shift from my styling business to more content creation for my social media communities, I have also exclusively been working with small brands, many local to the PNW and/or women-owned. 
I truly believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities (my husband also runs a small business right here in Queen Anne). 
Therefore, I live by the creed of shopping small and local.  My hope is that this message resonates with my online communities and inspires others to spend with intention.
What's your favorite Bedrock product?
My favorite product your redness corrector cream. I use this on everything from emerging pimples to my kids' bug bites!  It's become my "windex" problem solve for every ailment ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding" windex reference).  If I feel any kind of problem brewing on my skin (I have less breakouts but do suffer from rosacea), I generously apply at night and awake to clear skin. My kids also have very sensitive skin; however, we're an outdoor family, so we travel with Bedrock Balm and apply to scrapes and bug bites religiously.  
What's your best Bedrock tip for parents?
We're beginning the very early phases of adolescence in our household. And, because I am committed to saving them from the toxins found in many drugstore brands, they each received a Freshstick in their stockings this year! While they may gripe about my requiring its application, this deodorant for tweens is easy to use, effective, and makes me feel good because it's a clean product for their sensitive skin.
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