What's in my travel makeup bag | Rachel Parker

Finding trusted travel skincare essentials is important, and that's why Rachel Parker did this YouTube video about travel size skincare products.

We caught up with Rachel Parker to learn more about her:
How did you get started with YouTube?
I have been an avid watcher of beauty on YouTube since the beginning. I remember watching tutorials in high school (2006ish) and going to Walmart and buying a fluffy crease brush from Revlon so I could blend my eyeshadow like they did in the YouTube videos. I’d had my channel forever too, just to post silly videos with friends and random vlogs but I never had the courage to post the beauty content that I loved because I didn’t feel good enough.
Then in August of 2017, my best friend (who also happens to be an amazing artist) suggested we do a mermaid photoshoot at the lake, and that I do the makeup for it. I was so excited about the products I was using (the wet n’ wild Midnight Mermaid collection) and the look I did on myself that I decided to film it. It was so much fun, I just never stopped.

What’s the impact you want to leave?
On my platforms besides talking about beauty, I also talk a lot about my struggles in life with being a spoonie (having chronic illnesses) and having a mental illness. I want to help people feel like it's okay not to be okay, that doesn’t mean you’re weird or less than anybody else, it just means you’re human. All I really want to with my platform is help people, inside and out.

Biggest beauty botch?
Overbleaching my hair! When I was in my late teens/early 20’s I experimented with a lot of different hair colors in a very short period. I tried purple, brown, blonde, blue white and green, green and blonde, turquoise, and many others in a span of less than 2 year span. In the end my hair turned into literal mush and started just breaking off. Luckily my hair grew back, but I only lighten my hair a couple times a year now.

What’s your best Porefector tip?
If you’re having trouble with getting your concealer or foundation to stick to breakouts, try Porefector! Just put a thin layer of the product on before your base, and then blend your concealer or foundation over it. Voila! Your breakouts are covered all day!

How was your skin like before Porefector? After?
Before, I was experiencing some really deep under the skin breakouts that weren’t wanting to heal (or be covered by makeup). Since regularly using the product, my breakouts have cleared up and the scars they left behind are fading at a much more rapid pace than normal. I just traveled for work for two weeks and that product was always in my travel bag, I can’t go without it!
Thanks Rachel for sharing your purpose and Porefector skin tips. To find more of Rachel visit @achelthegreat or her beauty channel here.
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