Where's the zinc moisturizer?

I started hyping the new zinc oxide moisturizer last summer when I thought we were close.


I could blame the supply chain, but it wasn’t that.

First, we had an unexpected ingredient change. I wanted carrot seed oil, but the lab sent me a version without it. I waited two more months for the revision, and when the new version arrived, it was too grainy. Bye carrot seed oil.

Then my printer had a quality issue and had to redo everything (another three months).

I’m happy to say the moisturizer is finally launching this month and I couldn’t be more excited. I use the R&D zinc moisturizer sample daily and I’m OBSESSED. I use it on my lips, my face, my ankles, my neck, the back of my hands. It’s light yet luxurious, absorbs quickly and is deeply hydrating.

Stay tuned for hints and the big reveal of our zinc moisturizer.

Summer sleek,

Rachel @ Bedrock