Zinc first aid cream

Are your kids covered with cuts and scrapes from summer? Need a zinc first aid cream that your kid will like? A zinc cream for wounds?

Stephanie wrote:

"Thank goodness for Bedrock Balm. Having a kid that hates bandaids makes the summer skinned knee season not fun. My son fights me about putting anything on his skinned knees. I had to do bandaids for a day, but after that, I was able to convince him to at least put on Bedrock Balm. He agreed since it goes on more like a lotion (he hates the feeling of Neosporin with a bandaid) and he wouldn't need to have a bandaid with Bedrock Balm. After a couple days of using it, he's all about how well it is healing his boo boos. It's made for a great last few days without the struggle. I was worried his knees were going to scar, but the Balm is healing them so well I'm not worried about that anymore."

If your kids hate bandaids too, use our redness cream.

Bedrock Balm is our zinc oxide barrier cream with soothing plant oils and Vitamin E.

You can also use our zinc cream for eczema. Soothe skin the easy way!


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