Zinc oxide cream for cold sores

Zinc oxide cream for cold sores? Oh yes! Bring on the Bedrock.

Bedrock Balm is our anti redness cream, the best zinc oxide cream for cold sores.

Vanessa sent us this DM: "I used Bedrock Balm on a cold sore that had just formed and it dried up within the day! I can tell it would have been a bad one if it hadn't been cleared up."

Thanks for the note about your Bedrock win - we appreciate it.

Bedrock Balm is our zinc based barrier cream, the ultimate zinc oxide ointment for cold sores. Soothe cold sore scabs, bumps, redness and more with our 22% non-nano zinc oxide cream with nourishing botanicals so your skin is healthy again.

Bedrock makes super multi purpose skin care products for the entire family. Shop for our anti redness skincare like Bedrock Balm here.

zinc oxide cream for cold sores bedrock balm