Zinc oxide cream for psoriasis

This has to be one of our favorite email conversations. Here's a sneak peek into our Bedrock inbox:

From Kate: Um, your Bedrock Balm is healing my psoriasis! I've been struggling with this one bad spot for years and in 1 day its almost gone.... MIRACLE?!?!?!

Bedrock: Yay!! You’ll leave all the juicy details in a review, riiiiight?

Kate: BUT HOW IS IT WORKING?! I've tried everything over the years. Blue light. Red light. Phototherapy. Steroids. Special foamy prescription from the dermatologist.... 

Bedrock: It's got to be our plant-based ingredients and the zinc oxide. We're thrilled!

We left Kate's ALL CAPS in because we wanted you to see her emotion. We can't go a day without our zinc based ointment, and if you've been looking for a zinc oxide cream for psoriasis, you need Bedrock Balm.