Zinc skincare routine tips

Bedrock has four zinc skincare products. Here are ideas on how to incorporate them into your daily skin routine:

Bedrock Balm. Think of the Balm as your skincare firefighter. It’s on high alert for signs of redness to calm down. It will give you a quick rescue for bumps, bug bites, extra sun, scrapes, scratches, cold sores, razor burn and more. This zinc barrier cream also works like your overnight security guard. Apply it as a sleeping mask to brighten and even skin tone.

It has 20% zinc oxide, so you might guess it has physical sunblock benefits, but it’s a cosmetic so we won’t make any FDA or SPF claims. If you do use it in the morning, you can apply a daily SPF moisturizer on top. We recommend it’s first on your skin.

Porefector. Think of Porefector like a personal trainer for your pores. No slacking allowed, the astringent benefits chase away extra oils and minimize pores. Use our zinc for pimples, fighting blemishes, breakouts and ingrowns. Bonus: because of its matte, dense qualities, customers love it as an eye makeup primer. With 30% zinc oxide, our blemish corrector is super concentrated and designed for spot application.

Freshstick. This is your all body deodorant good for sweat whisking, neutralizing and deodorizing. Obviously underarms are a good place to start, but it’s also good for large swaths of skin that need odor and dryness protection. Application ideas include using it under breasts or bra lines, skin folds or creases. Freshstick has a light green hue but ends up clear on skin.

Glowstick. This is our lightest and least zinc-y product (thus, it goes on clear) so that you can use it on large body parts or your face. Think of Glowstick like your hydration wand; use it for touch-ups, a swipe of shine, or rejuvenating dry, rough skin. Our lotion stick works as a daily face zinc moisturizer, but because it doesn’t have an SPF listed, we recommend you still use one for sun protection and peace of mind.

If you have any other questions about your zinc skin routine, send us a note at hello@bedrockskin.com.

Here are quick links to our redness cream, blemish corrector, zinc deodorant and zinc oxide moisturizer. Cheers!


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