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Bedrock Balm

(130 customer reviews)

$23.00 - .5 oz

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one skin fix, this is it. This intense calming cream soothes red, dry, itchy or irritated skin. Purposed with 22% zinc oxide, stressed skin is sheltered and safe. Our vegan cruelty-free formula includes Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Calendula Flower, and Vitamin E to nourish and rejuvenate.

Bedrock Balm is super multipurpose for redness, rashes, razor burn, rosacea, bumps, bites, cuts, cold sores, ingrown hairs, eczema and more. Get your skin healthy, soft and smooth – stat.

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How To Use

When we say all-purpose, we mean it. Our fans use Bedrock to solve lots of beauty dilemmas (read the juicy reviews).

Here’s a couple of quick tips when you pop that top:

  • This product isn’t a typical lotion; it has a thicker, pomade-like texture. Because it’s concentrated, you won’t need much–just a dab on your finger.
  • When applying to upset skin, use morning and night for at least a week to get the best possible results.

To use: Apply to clean, dry skin and massage into the affected area. For external use only. Keep away from eyes. Store in a dark, cool place.

Bedrock was formulated safe for babies, kids and breastfeeding moms.


Grapeseed Oil, 21% Zinc Oxide, Beeswax, Lavender Flower Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Oil, Organic Calendula Flower, Organic Olive Fruit Oil, Allantoin, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Roman Chamomile Flower Oil, German Chamomile Flower Oil, Baking Soda.

Made without: Petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, synthetic fragrances

Inspired By

Bedrock was born because Rachel, our founder, got a raging armpit rash and discovered the wonders of zinc oxide. She was hooked and created multipurpose products she could use for her family every day. Bedrock Balm is our first and flagship product. The Bedrock logo was a late car-ride collaboration between Rachel and her husband. The thin-rule line represents the top layer of soil, and the solid fill represents bedrock, which is where many minerals like zinc are found. It was brainstormed and final within 24 hours!

130 reviews for Bedrock Balm

  1. Amie

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the first time since September, I have seen the biggest difference in my Perioral Dermatitis. The redness and bumps are fading and drying out. I’m starting to get my face back!!!!

  2. Shelby Byrd

    I can’t even believe how well this stuff works. My baby had a rash on one cheek for 5 months. We tried everything the doctors suggested but nothing helped. Bought bedrock balm at a friend’s suggestion and that damn rash was gone in 3 days. Not even a trace of the thing left. I’m pretty sure it’s magic.

  3. Kelsie e

    This product is amazing. I have struggled with acne ever since I got the depot shot as a teen. And then I thought I got rid of it only to find out during my pregnancy with my daughter that I did not! It’s stayed ever since then. I received my bedrock balm on 11/9/19 and put it on before bed. I honestly just put it on to see what it would do. I know the porefector is technically the one for acne but let me tell you that bedrock works well too. I LEFT THE HOUSE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE WITHOUT MAKE UP TODAY and it’s 11/10/19 for date reference. I’m the type of person that has tried literally every product natural, dermatologist recommended, and homemade to remedy my acne and hyperpigmentation. Bedrock balm is a godsend. I have a porefector coming in December I haven’t tried that one yet but I have no doubts that it will work for my skin like the bedrock balm did. I’m so convinced based on the results I’ve had with just an overnight of bedrock balm that I went ahead and bought two more porefectors to give to other people I know who have acne because of how well the balm worked. Thank you for creating the perfect product. You have me as a customer for life.

  4. Tara Krook

    Bedrock Balm is LEGIT! I experienced a breakout at first when I started using it, but my skin quickly adjusted and now looks better than ever! You need so little product, and it’s been a godsend for dry prairie winter weather. As well as my face I’m also using it on my feet, elbows, or anywhere I’m finding myself dry. I also have to say, Rachel is ah-may-zing. I reached out with questions, and not only did she contact me directly herself, but I can tell she reallly cares about her customers and is passionate about her products. I can’t rave enough about this company!

  5. Lenora

    I love Bedrock Balm so much! I use it for darn near everything I need my skin soothed from. It saved me this summer with all the mosquito bites I endured. It was seriously the only thing that made the itch tolerable and healed them quickly.

  6. Tammy

    Seriously. I thought it would be scammy or only slightly great. I now SWEAR by this. And it doesn’t take much out of the pot to cover anything. I mean anything. I had a rash in the worst of spots down south and when I woke up. Gone!! I’ve had this before and it lasted over a WEEK! I use it on my elbows every few days and it keeps them from looking like dog paws unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever tried. I’m also convinced it’s helping a gnarly scar I have fade! MUST TRY AND BUY 2!

  7. Teresa Eriksen

    So I’ve been using the bedrock balm every other day as my second moisturizer and let me tell you… my face is so much more even tone and the fine lines have definitely thinned out!!! I’ll continue to use it every other day!!! Thank you for the tip!

  8. Stefanie

    I live in Indiana and i have dry, sensitive skin. I am also proven to random rashes and skin irritations. So when i heard about Bedrock Balm from Jamie French Youtube, i was curious. And so far it has not disappointed. I had a place come up the day before I received my shippment and in two days it is almost gone. It would have taken weeks before. I am a believer. I am going to give some to my mom since she has similar skin conditions too. Thank you so much!

  9. Julie

    I use this at night time before my moisturizer (I use porefector during the day)! It has helped heal my blemishes and protected my skin from the nasties of the night! Love this stuff!

  10. Connie

    I received my two jars of Bedrock Balm yesterday. I am using it for the “rosey” areas on my cheeks, acne scars, and to even out the tone of my skin. I used it last night and this morning–here it comes–my face looked so smooth and “young.” I have spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on trying different products. Bedrock Balm is the ONLY product that actually made a visible overnight improvement. I am thrilled! Oh, yeah, I am 73 years old and I will look even younger with the aid of Bedrock Balm. I know it sounds like a sales pitch, however, I speak the truth!

  11. Lindsay

    This product is legit. Not only does it do away with redness, but I managed to get a slight case of hand foot mouth from my kiddos (I know) and got a few of the pimple bumps on my hand. Gross. Well I put bedrock balm on them and literally overnight – almost entirely gone! Really really love. Go buy it!

  12. Vanessa

    Hello! I wanted to share that you sent me Bedrock for daughter last year and she had light eczema. I have itchyskin but never really tired it on my skin. And then we moved and I lost it!

    Last 6 months maybe more I developed these awful red patches underneath my armpits. They progressively got worst. I tried everything was about to try steroid but got pregnant. Then I remembered Bedrock Balm! I found it a few days ago and have been using it every night. In 3 days the redness he disappeared. They use to be thick inflamed and red. I finally have some hope they will disappear completely! Thank you for this miracle Balm!

  13. Amber Vandergriff

    The best! Wonderful! Perfect! Amazing! There really are not enough words to describe this product. I received my package on Thursday, and when I did I had a very nasty friend sitting on my chin. Thursday night I put a small dab of the balm on that spot after I washed my face. I woke up the next morning and the friend was virtually gone, I went ahead and placed another small dab Before I played my make up and then again that night when I washed my face even though I didn’t really see the need for it. I woke up the next morning and it is completely gone, you cannot even tell that I had a pimple two days ago. This is amazing but that’s not all! Last night when my husband got home from work he noticed that something had bitten him on his thigh and it was itching like crazy. I said hold on I got just the right stuff! I dabbed a bit on it and the itching was gone and this morning you can’t tell there was ever a bite. I can’t wait to use this for all kinds of issues! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!

  14. g.g.

    It’s gone! Nasty rash under my aging breasts is totally gone. It took several weeks of daily application, but the product has staying power and is soothing to my skin. Thank you, Bedrock Balm!!

  15. Megan L

    This is truly amazing stuff! I’ve been using it daily for a few weeks on my psoriasis and keratosis pilarsis. My psoriasis is 99% GONE! Im truly amazed, and my immediate family members have used prescriptions for years to keep theirs under control. I’ll be telling them about bedrock immediately!! It has also drastically reduced the appearance of my KP. This has been the only product to help both, and it’s a true multitasker! I just ordered a second bottle to keep in my babies’ room so I wouldn’t have to share mine!

  16. Rylee Jade

    Love the products! Thank you!!

  17. Caitlin Moulding

    I recently used bedrock balm on what was going to be the largest and deepest pimple of my life. This was disturbing since I’m 52 and haven’t had acne in decades. I had purchased the balm to prep my feet for an upcoming beach trip but decided the give it a shot on my forming crater. I kid you not, it was completely gone by morning. My husband was astounded. I was thrilled! I think it must be miracle balm!

  18. Stephanie R

    Absolutely best product I’ve used! I use it on my skin around my feeding tube and it has helped tremendously! Before using this my skin was so raw and painful to the lightest touch. Now the redness is so much better and I have zero pain there!! Amazing product and Rachel is so kind! She ships out so fast! Id buy 2 if i were you because ur never gonna want to be out of it!!!!!!!

  19. Kathleen

    Great product and I love it! Has helped my skin out tremendously.

  20. Jaime French

    The stuff honestly works wonders. It has cleared up every single skin irritation that myself or my husband has had since I got it. And I love that it’s natural. It has also helped me very much with the redness in my face. When I apply it at night, I wake up looking more like a normal person and less like a tomato.

  21. Annette

    I have been using the Bedrock Balm on my hand eczema since Monday when I first received the jar, so 5 days, and my hand is almost completely healed already!! I had been using hydrocortisone cream religiously for my eczema and have never had these results. I am absolutely shocked and in complete awe of how effective the Bedrock Balm has been in such a short amount of time. Thank you so much for creating an outstanding product!!! You have won me over and I will be using this stuff as long as you are creating it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  22. Sara Rellihan

    I love your balm! I finally got diagnosed with rosacea on my cheeks. I tried a few different face washes and lotions but found that even some of the sensitive skin cleansers and moisturizers were making things worse. I finally started a daily face routine, which I discovered was key. I use Bedrock Balm day and night and so far, it’s the only thing that doesn’t make my face get worse. Zinc oxide even protects against the sun which is very important for managing Rosacea. My face is finally under control!
    But wait, there’s more! I’ve also used Bedrock on my son, who sometimes gets a rash around his lips from dryness. I remember the first time, he had it for more than a week. I tried putting on lip balms and other lotions and finally, it occurred to me to use some Bedrock. I remembered reading some of the reviews on your website about how parents had used it on their children because it is so gentle. His week-long rash was gone overnight! I just used it on him again this week. It’s like magic! He loves how it smells too, so he doesn’t complain when I put it on! Also, as others have said, a little goes a long way. Using it twice daily all over my face, the 1 oz jar lasts me about 6 months. Thank you so much!

  23. Mei

    Thanks for making such a versatile product! I also love that there are few and well-thought out ingredients in the balm that are healthy and safe. I’ve been using it for over 6 months and I keep finding more uses for it. For infant rash, diaper rash, bug bites, healing wounds, etc. I didn’t even know that I really needed it in my facial skincare routine until I tried it as a moisturizer. It has helped with pores, ingrown hairs and redness. My face has not looked better! I’ll have to pick up the porefector soon.

    I did learn that putting it on open cuts is a big no-no. It stung!

    There is just one thing that would make me love it even more. Sometimes I get little grainy pieces when I pick up the balm, if the texture was a little bit smoother it would be 👌🏼.

    Thanks for creating a product that is so multi-purpose and makes me feel good about putting it on my babies!

  24. Lisanne Olsen

    I started using Bedrock Balm on my daughter’s irritated skin and eczema on her legs, along with a rash we’ve been fighting for months. I’d tried many other products that weren’t helping. We saw immediate results with bedrock and it has been a lifesaver in healing her skin up. I’ve been telling all my other momma friends about it. It’s a must have mom product!

  25. Jenna Koehn

    I love this product. It’s a product I trust and would consider one of my top go to products for red bumps, irritable skin on my face. I apply it in the evenings before bed and by morning it’s worked magic. I’d purchase it again and will when I run out. I’d definitely recommend.

  26. Molly

    We’ve been using Bedrock Balm since it first came out and we use it for everything! Dry skin, minor burns, rashes, scapes and cuts, bug bites…really it soothes every skin irritation! My oldest daughter is prone to eczema around her nose and eye and gets chicken bumps on her arms and cheeks, bedrock balm clears it all up for her leaving her with soft smooth skin. My kiddos love how it smells and feels and I love how safe it is to use. I recommend bedrock balm to anyone looking for a natural product that works well!

  27. Lexie Alford

    I love these products! As an avid traveler it’s hard to find quality, reliable skin care products that don’t take up too much space. I also love the texture, so satisfying to apply!

  28. Maria

    Bedrock Balm is a must have for everyone! I swear It fixes everything and anything you can think of. I use it for eczema, razor bumps and even on acne. It immediately helps with swelling and pain. It’s seriously amazing! So happy With this Balm.

  29. The Skin study (anna marie) I got a small sample size as my skin is super finicky, and I didn’t want to waste my money on another product full of empty promises.
    But… this product delivers. I have a few patches is dry horrible eczema (arms, neck, legs, along the rib cage)… and even the thickest of moisturizers wasn’t doing much. I do occasionally use a steroid ointment but hate the long term skin effects of steroids so anything that can help me avoid them is a winner in my book.
    And this totally did. A little goes a long way and I was able to use the sample for almost a week, and the spots got smoother and I stopped scratching. So of course, I stopped using it, and those darn spots came right back! So now, I’m buying a full size (or two!) to help maintain my skin-sanity!

  30. Carissa Stanton

    This stuff is amazing for eczema! Works like magic. Immediately calms your skin and stops itching! Can’t wait to see what else I can use it for!

  31. Crystal Davenport

    I am a mom of 3 young boys! Needless to say, I have many situations where Bedrock Balm has been a life saver!!

    From boardshort rashes, chapped lips and skin, cuts, scrapes, burns….we have used it for all of these and more!!

    I highly recommend this product!! Everyone needs this in their ‘Mommy Arsenal’ !!

  32. Rachel

    I love Bedrock! It worked wonderfully for the very red and dry spot on my face. I received a sample of it from Rachel through her Bedrock Instagram. She is awesome and sent it to me just so I could try it! I actually ordered Bedrock for my niece and I because the sample worked so well! Thank you so much for this amazing product!

  33. Megan Jordan

    We absolutely LOVE Bedrock Balm! After I had my son, my skin became incredibly dry and it’s helped a ton. I have also used it on stretch marks and am starting to notice a difference! My husband has used it on dry scalp and face and has noticed more of a difference in a few days than he has with other products after months of use. And my favorite part is that we can use it on our baby! It got rid of his cradle cap after a few days, diaper rash is easy to handle, and little cuts are gone! Love love love this product, it’s one our favorites!

  34. Sarah Hummel

    I have used Bedrock Balm on several different skin issues, but I have found the most success with a topic that isn’t discussed too much. I am currently on a health and fitness journey, and with that comes chafing. Chafing from movement, chafing from clothes, and even some chafing for new loose skin. Bedrock Balm helps with all of it! It creates a nice smooth barrier and helps heal any irritation. Plus, a little goes a long way! So much value in this little pot! Customer for life!

  35. Sherri

    I honestly just started using it just a few weeks ago, but what I’ve already noticed is how it’s tightened my skin on my neck and chest! I’m so impressed, l will keep you posted on my dark spots!!

  36. Alyssa

    What I used it for wasn’t even a listed use. I had like contact dermatitis on the part of my hands that is right under my thumbs and it helped clear it up when what was prescribed by doctors (hydrocortisone cream) didn’t work. My only complaint or complaints is that it can’t really be used during the day time (I put it on solely before bed) because it’s so thick and greasy and because the zinc gives the skin a slightly white sheen. That obviously comes with the territory of zinc, but yeah it does make it noticeable.

  37. Hannah

    I’ve been using Bedrock Balm on my feeding tube for a few weeks now after literally trying EVERYTHING else. The skin around my tube is constantly broken down due to stomach acid and stuff like Neosporin is too greasy. I am loving how soothing @bedrockskin is and non greasy. My redness and irritation has definitely gone away and it’s a great barrier cream!!

  38. Susan

    I was having a rosacea breakout on my face again and remembered I had some of the bedrock balm left in the sample. Put it on before bed and I wish I would have taken before and after pics! Big difference!

  39. Desiree

    I love this!!! My kids and I have been using this balm on our lips and it so soothing and makes a huge difference. My son especially has had super dry skin lately and this has helped so much????????

  40. Delia Minuni

    I absolutely love this product, I started using it for myself, for some dry patches on my face, and now my husband,and I fight about sharing the bottle. He uses it for his eczema, and it has made such a difference for him! I highly recommend this! We are also about to have baby number 2 and I’ve heard great things about this balm for diaper rashes! So thankful for this amazing product

  41. Rachel H

    Oh my gosh, yes! This stuff is incredible! I’ve still only had one opportunity to use it but it worked really well! I had a chigger bite that hadn’t gone away and put it on before bed and halfway through the next day I realized it was totally gone and hadn’t bothered me since I put the balm on the night before! Is it bad I’m kind of bummed I haven’t had another chance to use it? ;P

  42. Brittany Gieszler

    I’ve been using Bedrock Balm and Porefector for a couple weeks now and I am OBSESSED! The Bedrock Balm has worked wonders for my razor burn and occasional chaffing. And I’ve been using porefector as a primer before makeup! I absolutely love these products!

  43. Heather Davies

    I get random skin irritations on my face ever so often and Bedrock helps reduce the irritation and redness with in 24 hours! I put it on before moisturizer or serums.

  44. Kris Mejia

    I’m all for trying new natural products with ingredients i can identify with. With that being said, I used it on big bites but it was hard to tell. ? The mosquitoes were so bad this year and I tried everything! It seemed to help in the turnover or bad to bearable. I tried it on chapped lips but I wouldn’t suggest it! It was hard to wipe off afterward. Honestly, it didn’t seem like it absorbed very well. But I liked how natural it was. ? I also heard that it helps with that “koolaide” upper lip. You know, when your kid licks their dried lips and makes them red? But the specialist suggested on applying it at night as an over night treatment. ? I hope this review helps!

  45. Rachel

    I really liked it! I’ve been putting it on dry skin patches and thought it worked great! I’ve sldo been applying it to a new cut that my little one got and hoping it will help minimize any scarring. I’m passionate about non-toxic products and I’m so happy I found this balm!

  46. Jamie

    This product is seriously the best! I have now been using it every night after washing my face. I don’t use anything else anymore just this on my face before I go to sleep and my skin is way more smooth and healthy looking. I never had a huge problem with pimples but my skin just wasn’t smooth it had a rough texture and I also get more dry in the winter. This has changed everything I’m so happy….I also use it on my daughters bug bites, scraps or dry patches and they clear up in a day or so. Thank you for this amazing product!!!!

  47. Valerie

    The bedrock balm is creamy, has a great texture and smells amazing!! But, I think I’m allergic to lavender I’ve been having issues with lavender oil and any products with lavender in it. ( just finding this out). I’m pretty sure the lavender irritated my skin, same with other products I have that contain lavender. Would love if you could make a sensitive skin formula. Also the customer service is amazing!!

  48. Morethanjustskin

    Absolutely in love!!! This stuff is AMAZING! So first I deal with redness and this stuff calms it down instantly. It also cures everything. I keep it on my bedside table and use it for bug bites, any skin irritations and blemishes! I can’t use it enough!

  49. Jane Austin

    I really like this product. I’ve used it on my dry spots, which mostly occur around my nose. And on the after shaving rashes. It works great on both. I highly recommend it if you are struggling with the two things that I’ve described.

  50. Stacie

    This is great! I’ve mainly used it for my kids eczema and it has really helped clear it up.

  51. Jesscia

    This little jar packs a big punch! I have been so impressed with Bedrock Balm. I use it almost daily, for multiple things! From redness & irritation, to cuts and scrapes, this cream really does it all. It’s like magic, and I love that it’s all natural. I highly recommend this great product!

  52. Trish Kachel

    My daughter used it and said she liked it?

  53. Misti McGowan

    Anytime I have a blemish I immediately use Bedrock Balm and this stuff is amazing! It dries it out but it doesn’t make my skin dry or itchy like other creams. A go to product for sure!

  54. Dee

    This product is amazing! It immediately calms the redness and helps with the itching from eczema. All you need is a very small amount for the effected area. It has a very light pleasant scent that quickly disappears one the product is applied.

  55. Kate Evans

    Between allergies and an overly aggressive face, neck, chest mask I ended up with a horrific rash on my neck and chest (my face peeled about 3 layers off) that itched like crazy. I ordered the balm, and it thankfully came even faster than I expected, because, within 30 minutes of applying, the itchiness diminished. I saw a visible difference in one day. I kept the balm in my purse for week so that i coukd reapply any time the itchy threatened to return. I had never heard of the benefits of zinc before being introduced to Bedrock. Now I tell anyone who even hints at skin issues about it. I hate steroids, but general medicine defaults to them far too much. Try this first. You will not regret it.

  56. Sara I.

    I use porefector on my kiddos bumpy cheeks. Upon first application they said “mmmm, mom, this smells good!” It certainly does. This product is fabulous!

  57. Apryl

    We received this as a sample to try and we used it all up, mostly on my daughters red, itchy feet. We have tried a lot of creams and this seemed to provide the best relief. I meant to order right away, but didn’t. I can see now that we haven’t had it in a week & my daughters foot is back to dry & itchy spots and red at the end of a day…so I have put in an order!

  58. Kelsey

    I purchased this in July and it has claimed top shelf status ever since. It was perfect to have for the bug bites and minor sunburn I received this summer, along with being the perfect product to put on my skin when I’m too tired to complete my full routine. Also less is more!

  59. Matt

    It was an awesome product! It didn’t quite work as well as we were hoping on his face. I turned my sister on to it and she said that she has or is going to order some ?

  60. Lacey

    I have been getting a terrible rash under my arm for the last few winters. I tried coconut oil, medical grade medication, changing my deodorant, not much helped. I got a tiny sample of this balm and it cleared it right up. It’s interesting because I even tried basic zinc oxide that my mom had in the medicine cabinet and this balm works better than just plain old zinc! Highly recommend!

  61. Kristi

    This product is great! I always try to find products that are safe and toxin free, this not only fits that bill but I works too. My older daughter and I use it on razor burn and On diaper rash for my babies.

    When I first received it my newborn had a diaper rash that I couldn’t get to go all the way away. After a few days of using this and it was gone!

  62. Rosie F

    I am a true believer. I love this stuff. It’s a lifesaver. My daughter agr 6 had this red itchy bump that would not go away in her leg. I tried over the counter stuff and it helped for a few hours, but seemed to come back over and over agai . I used Bedrockskin for 3 days in a row on her leg 1x a day and it took care of it completely. No itching, no redness. It was incredible. Totally recommend. I received a small packege sample of this product and a small amount goes a long way. Definitely need to get me a full size. You never know when this is going to come handy. Plus I love that’s it’s natural ingredients and safe for kiddos

  63. Sherece

    Such a great product! A little goes a long way and it smoothes on easily. I have really bad eczema and as soon as I apply it, it helps to relieve the itching and redness. What a relief! 4 stars because my rash didn’t fully disappear.

  64. Kimberly Johnson

    Bedrock balm has worked wonders for my sensitive skin! Two pregnancies will do a lot to your skin and this helps with almost any issue I have, even my kids! If they get a scrape I put this stuff on and it’s gone almost immediately!

  65. Ann Stout

    I had been struggling with an extremely uncomfortable rash for months. Three doctor trips and lots of prednisone later, I was still suffering. Under a naturopath’s direction, I quit all the steroids (creams and pills) and started drinking Fiji water and taking probiotics.

    That was about the time your product landed in my mailbox, so I started using it too. I’m happy to say that was the beginning of the end of my rash. It still took a couple weeks of using your product, but now it’s completely healed. Thank you Lord!

    I’m not sure just what was the defining factor of the cure. Maybe it was school was out and my stress level was down. Maybe it was caused by pollen allergies and airborne pollen had decreased. Maybe it was the water! Or maybe it was Bedrock Balm. In all reality, it was probably a combination of many factors.

    Bedrock Balm did soothe my skin when I rubbed it on which was nice. I loaned it out to my daughter-in-law to use on our 2 year old grandson’s rash. His rash seems to have healed as well.

    Thank you for your product. I will most certainly keep it on hand for any future skin problems.

  66. Shelley Burden

    This stuff is amazing!!! I bought it after I received a sample in a subscription box because I fell in love. It worked so well on eczema that I have been struggling with on my finger. I also use it as diaper cream and on any “boo boo’s”. Works so well and smells great too ?

  67. Maria Cameron

    I’ve written a comment before, but I wanted to write another one with an update. My daughter Emma has had some severe bumps on her knees. I’m not sure if it’s “chicken skin” or something else. From what I can tell, it’s slightly different than that. I wasn’t sure what to do so I decided to give Bedrock Balm a try. Over the course of two weeks or so I applied it to her knees. While the bumps have not gone away all the way, I have seen significant improvement. I’ll keep at it but since I’m seeing progress, I just had to come and write a comment! Thank You!

  68. Kelly R.

    We reached for the bedrock balm again for my oldest (now almost 18 if you can believe it). He said “MOM! I came home from the gym yesterday but fell asleep before showering and now my pits are itchy and rashy!” Did the bedrock balm and voila! Rash and itch gone! We’ve gone to this little miracle jar several times since I got it six weeks ago. Everyone needs this stuff!

  69. Renee Reid

    I love this stuff. I try to keep away from all the nasty chemicals I can and this is so calming and also doubles as a primer under makeup!

  70. Melissa S.

    I use Bedrock Balm for all sorts of things! I use it on my armpits for razor burn, rub it on bug bites to stop the itch and use it on random dry patches. I love the smell and the texture. A great addition to the medicine cabinet!

  71. Bethany Vera

    Rachel was so sweet to send over a sample of bedrock balm for my son after seeing a comment I had made on an instagram post about the bumps on my son’s upper arms. The pediatrician told me it was nothing to worry about and that possibly his skin was producing extra enzymes. It didn’t itch him but it was red, and noticeably bumpy. After using the bedrock balm sample for two weeks consistently, a little goes a long way, I could noticeably see a difference. The redness was completely gone, and the amount of bumps was cut in half! For sure a must have purchase for a new mama!

  72. Lisa

    I’ve only used a sample of this but loved it enough to definitely purchase the full size! This was awesome for razor burn, and more importantly got rid of a rash my son had been suffering with for several days. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for an all in one balm for all your skin woes.

  73. Dallas

    This stuff is amazing! We use on everything from mosquito bites to razor burn. Definitely a must have in the household.

  74. Sarah

    I received a sample of this product, which I used to treat a small patch of dermatitis that had been really stubborn. This ointment was soothing and reduced itchiness & inflammation, and while it didn’t completely get rid of my little patch, it reduced it considerably and made my skin so much more comfortable. I love the scent of this balm and I love that it has safe, natural ingredients!

  75. Angelina

    I love Bedrock Balm! It smells amazing and feels great on my skin. A little really goes a long way. It really helped my burn and my husband used it and enjoyed it on his skin as well.

  76. Emily W.

    Can we talk about this little jar right here? This stuff is the BEST. My three month old very rarely gets diaper rash but the other day he did. We put this on him and it was almost healed by the next diaper change! We’ve also used it to help with dry skin on both our babies. It’s a little miracle-worker. Bonus: it’s all natural and is a mama owned shop ??

  77. Bethany

    We’ve been using the bedrock in a couple different areas but the best was bumps on my daughter’s face. Our Dr had said to use hydrocortisone on it which I really didn’t want to do. So i tried this and it’s the only thing that has worked! She’s had these bumps for weeeeeeks before trying This!

  78. Kerri

    Bedrock balm is the bomb!! It is basically good for anything! I love that it can do so much, and a little goes a long way! I use it before I go to bed, and by morning the results are amazing! I am a customer for life!

  79. Brooke

    I just recently switched to natural deodorants but had this super awful uncomfortable rash from my previous deodorant I just couldn’t shake. Well long gross story short, I’ve been using the balm on my underarms every night before bed for a few weeks now and totally notice a difference. The best part about this cream is I can use it on ANY problem area for practically ANYTHING! From diaper rashes to eczema and anything in between. It’s an all natural zinc oxide formula that will help transform any problem areas you can think of on your skin. Give it a try!

  80. Sarah C

    Bedrock Balm has absolutely transformed my skin! I was suffering from terrible acne all over my back, shoulders, chest, and even down my arms. I went through quite the collection of body washes, lotions, and topical products that were either ineffective or made things worse. After receiving Porefector as a sample in a beauty box and seeing good results on the acne on my face, I figured “why not” and purchased a full size of both products. SO happy that I did. It has drastically helped reduce inflammation/redness in existing spots and kept new ones at bay. I did notice the top of the product is much harder than the rest and makes it difficult to spread across a larger area, but once you break through that, you can do more than pat on as a spot treatment. Despite the small size, a little goes a long way (I’ve just now made a serious dent after using it 1-2 times a day all over my back for a month and a half). Will never be without!!!

  81. Cindy

    I recently purchased Bedrock Balm on my daughter-in-law’s recommendation & I love it! I have patches of psoriasis on my legs that itch constantly, causing me to scratch absent-mindedly all the time which just causes more inflammation. Bedrock Balm worked miracles almost immediately, totally stopping the itching which stopped my scratching allowing the sores to heal! I will never be without this miraculous Balm & will recommend it to all my friends.

  82. Hilary

    There aren’t enough stars for this product! It has been absolutely amazing for my one-year-old who has severe eczema on his back. We’ve been using this product for a month now and that the spots are completely gone. No more itching, no more inflammation! We’ve been using this product for a month now and the spots are completely gone. No more itching, no more inflammation! Thank you bedrock balm!!

  83. Pam

    Honestly my skin doesn’t get red or irritated but I did burn myself and it worked great for that. My grandson gets very red cheeks and reactions. We put it on him and it worked immediately to calm the redness. It smells amazing too.

  84. Katie

    I have Bedrocked (it’s now a verb in my house) all the things I used to Neosporin; in fact, I won’t Neosporin ever again. I had weird skin problems on each of my pinky toes that gave endless irritation and I decided to Bedrock it—instant soothing. My kids have had odd skin irritations pop up and I’ve used Bedrock with success. Highly satisfied customer. Ordering more to keep in stock.

  85. Iowamom

    I LOVE the balm for bug bites and razor burn! The Porefector is great for keeping excess oil at bay. I love your products and have raved to friends about them. Also, such amazing customer service!

  86. Esther R

    I have been using the Bedrock Balm that was kindly gidlftes to me for three weeks now and just as all the reviews I’ve read on it, it is amazing. The price point on her products are right on point and very worth investing in.

    The ingredients are: Grapeseed Oil, 21% Zinc Oxide, Beeswax, Lavender Flower Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Oil, Organic Calendula Flower, Organic Olive Fruit Oil, Allantoin, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Roman Chamomile Flower Oil, German Chamomile Flower Oil.

    It is made without: Petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, synthetic fragrances

    I have mainly used this product on inflamed red acne on my face, neck and chest. A little goes a long way and it spreads beautifully. It is a miracle worker! Every time I have used it, mainly at night, it calms, soothes, and minimizes my acne. The calming and soothing affect happens within a few minutes and by morning my acne and redness are minimized. Within a few days the acne is totally gone.
    I have used it a few times on some small eczema spots and on my winter dry hands. Each time, within a few minutes the irritation, itchiness, and dryness has calmed.
    I have tried the balm under makeup but I find that it tends to make me oily. I will definitely be looking into the Porefector to wear under makeup.

  87. Nancy

    I was thinking about telling you how much I liked your product while I was using the balm this morning. I’m very surprised out what it works on! It cleared up some rough patches I have been fighting with on my neck and under my chin very quickly and I use it on the occasional blemish since I don’t have them often and have nothing else to put on them. I thought, what the heck, may as well try it! I did try using it on some dry areas I have been getting near my eyebrows, but I didn’t see any results there. All in all, I’m really happy with it and it will last forever since it is very solid balm.

  88. Taylor Nickell

    I LOVE BOTH PRODUCTS! My husband periodically deals with a red rashy looking dermatitis on his face and around his beard and we haven’t been able to find anything to treat it. I had recently received a sample of porfector in my Goodbeing box… so I told him to try it out with a very “here goes nothing” attitude (because most things calm it but don’t make it go away). Lo and behold, it went away! We were shocked! So I immediately got on the website and ordered a full size and bought the bedrock balm too. He now puts bedrock balm on a few nights a week before bed. With regular use… the rash has stayed away! His skin has never looked better! I use porefector for blemishes and I also slather it around my nose where my pores are biggest. It has been great at both shrinking my blemishes AND I do think my pores are less noticeable! Thanks for these wonderful products!

  89. Trisha

    I love this balm. It’s incredibly gentle, yet effective. I suffer from eczema and this stuff helps moisturize my skin so it can heal. Plus, it smells amazing and that’s just a bonus.

  90. Jasmine

    This stuff is a miracle in a jar. My babygirl had a rash on her bum and I would put B.B on her bum every night. Within a week I noticed a drastic change. It has become my diaper bag staple.

  91. Nhu

    Great stuff! This has become part of my nightly routine; put something on TV, rub some bedrock on my skin while on the couch. I use it on the aging spots on my hands and on old scars; at first, just hoping something would happen. The ingredients are so pure, it couldn’t hurt. The spots on my hand and my scars have lightened up and I have only been using this for a couple of weeks. Also love that I’m not paying for a super fancy jar, this product is bare and purposeful.

  92. NG

    I’ve used the Bedrock Balm for a variety of things, most notable for me was as a “post procedure” healing cream. I’ve had laser removal of dark spots on my face, an incision mark, deep skin exfoliation/peel, and injection site marks….it has worked to heal all situations nicely. Other uses for the Bedrock Balm for me has been: bug bites, cat scratches, random bumps on my arms, ingrown hairs, and a dry skin patch on my chin. Happy with the healing in every case! Also, I was initially worried that it was a very small amount of product for the price…. but after a LOT of use, I still have plenty of product left, so a little goes a looooong way.

  93. Amy

    I have been using Bedrock Balm for a couple of months as a deodorant. I have tried A LOT of the natural deodorant brands out there, as I am concerned about aluminum-containing products, and most of them are either ineffective or make me break out. In contrast, Bedrock Balm improves my smell and does not make me break out. I put it on in each morning and it lasts all day. It does not have antiperspirant properties, but I was not expecting it to, so still a win.

  94. Jessica Trager

    I love this product wholeheartedly! I have patchy eczema and dry skin issues, and I apply this once a day to all affected spots – it’s helped improve redness, soreness, dryness, the healing time of sores, and more! I usually apply right after a shower because the application is easier when your skin is warm and damp. I find this leaves a slight white cast on skin, which is fine seeing as I use it more for my body than my face. I also find that if I use this in the morning, by afternoon my patches are dried out, so using an additional soothing moisturizer in conjunction with this has helped. As an added tip, zinc oxide makes a great mineral sunscreen so I like to cover up my worst sunspots with this stuff to give them some extra protection when I’m outside all day. Works like a charm!

  95. Anna Greene

    I have recently been using this product and loving it! It smells so great and works great to heal dry skin on my hands. I would really recommend it!

  96. Rebecca Thomas

    I’ve been using the balm on my son’s very bumpy cheeks – keratosis pilaris (aka: chicken skin) runs in our family. This has helped calm his skin better than anything we’ve ever tried! It feels like a miracle! His sweet cheeks are finally soft. Thank you for this wonderful product!

  97. Megan McGee

    I am always looking for reasons to use Bedrock Balm! First, it smells amazing (no offensive odors). Second, I love how a little bit goes a looooong way (and I mean a LONG way…this jar will last you forever!). Third, it feels smooth and velvety on your skin, and it absorbs quickly (all essential factors, especially when applying to children). But for me, that last detail is huge. I use Bedrock Balm quite a bit on my middle son, who suffers from some pretty serious skin problems (including hives, plaques, and angioedema). His outbreaks are often sudden, painful, hot, and extremely itchy. Bedrock Balm helps him get through these bouts by soothing the angry skin and lessening the discomfort. We also used the balm on bug bites, rashes, scrapes, and burns. It’s so nice to have a non-messy and portable product that can make the ouchies feel better pretty quickly. Needless to say, I’m a fan!

  98. Kathy

    I put it on some red bumps I had and they were gone in a day. And I love the lavender scent.

  99. Amy C.

    I’ve been using Bedrock Balm for months now and love it! My son has always had sensitive areas on his face that flare up from time to time. I am finally able to ditch the steroid cream prescribed by my doctor. I apply Bedrock Balm at night and the redness is cleared up the next morning. And he thinks it’s cool because it smells good. I use it on my cuticles too and it smooths my skin. Highly recommend this product!!

  100. Christine

    I worked with zinc products as a wound care nurse. I love this one because it is very concentrated and you only have up to use a little bit. This product cleared up a mild case of athletes foot, and it was extremely soothing on my skin, and it’s a NATURAL PRODUCT! I imagine it will work great for any fungal application. Bedrock Balm is a must have for my first aid kit at home!

  101. Morgan

    My boyfriend got a rash/reaction from a new deodorant and I had him use the bedrock balm and it took it away almost immediately!! ??????

  102. Megan L.

    OK, unlike other reviewers I have to confess I have been using this amazing cream not as a solution to any skin issues but actually purely because it smells so good. While it has been miraculous on a few kiddo scraped knees, I really love it (and kind of hoard it) just as a straight up everyday balm for myself: soothing, moisturizing, magically calming. I typically uses zero products but this one has completely crept into my life. Glorious.

  103. Marsha H.

    I purchased Bedrock Balm for my husband’s back. He was having dry skin and it was itching all the time. I put the balm on his back one night and it really helped. After a few applications, the dry skin and itch was gone. I also gave a jar to my granddaughter who has dry irritated skin and she hates lotions because they burn. I talked her into trying it on the back of her hand and she was amazed at the difference. She now carries it around in her purse. I will also have a jar on hand. Thank you!!

  104. Kristen H.

    I have been using Bedrock Balm on my son’s dry and irritated skin for the last month. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the dry and rough patches that he had behind his knees. The Balm goes on smooth and does not sting even the most irritated areas. As a bonus, I love the smell and rub the remainder on my hands and cuticles. Bedrock Balm has become our new go-to cream for our bedtime routine! We love it!

  105. Sarah Lenssen

    Bedrock Balm is a great new edition to my family’s well being! I use on my hands for cuts and dryness, and each time it soothes instantly. I love having a product I can grab without worrying about chemicals!

  106. Diana Cherry

    Bedrock Balm has worked wonders on a pesky rash my daughter had on her hand. We all have seasonal eczema in our household, so I’m thrilled to find something that works quickly and effectively at banishing our rashes. Plus, bonus: it’s not super greasy like other eczema treatments but the moisture lasts a really long time. I cannot say enough good things about this product. Thank you, Bedrock!

  107. Jennifer Haldimann

    I took Bedrock along for a trip to Mexico after reading these fantastic reviews. Sun, pool time and the ocean always dry out my skin. This year was no different and I quickly had dry, rough skin. I was glad to have Bedrock Balm with me to soothe and heal my skin. I put it on at night (loved the smell) and in 2 days (despite continued sun and pool exposure) my skin was back to it’s normal soft state. This is a product that I will always keep on hand to help with my dry skin flare ups! I love it! Thanks, Bedrock!

  108. Erin Wallace

    My 6 year old daughter has had a broken blood vessel under her eye for about a year. Dr’s have said only laser will remove it which is something I will not do to a six year old! I have spent lots of money on creams trying to help soothe it but either my daughter doesn’t like the smell or texture or it just does nothing. Enter Bedrock Balm! There is no fight to put it on, in fact sometimes she does it on her own and the redness is so much better! Awesome product!!!!

  109. Felice R

    My 3, 6, and 7 year old kids (and me too) love this Balm! We are using it on our dry winter worn skin. The kids freak out with other ointments and creams that feel “icky” but love this zinc lavender wonder. Thank you Bedrock!

  110. Nicki

    I love having an effective all in one product for all things skin related! Not only do I not need to worry about chemicals, but I don’t need a bunch of different products in my medicine cabinet! My daughter licks her lips, and gets red, dry skin around them. Bedrock fixes this issue quickly! I have also used it on cold sores and dry skin, and it works great!

  111. Christie

    Bedrock balm is great! It is wonderful for red spots, itchy areas, and generally irritated skin. I have always battled with excema around my eyes. This balm is a wonderful alternative to the hydrocortisone solution that I have had to use in the past to help soothe the dry skin. I gifted one pot each to my Mom and Sister for Christmas stocking stuffers and they love it as well. Thanks for supplying the girls in my family with some amazing balm!

  112. Gina Rose

    My sister in law had discoid eczema that bothered her for many weeks. She was down visiting and I immediately had her try the Bedrock Balm. Within 2 days, she could see the improvements like less redness and itchiness. She continued to use it after the holidays and it subsided even more. She did seek medical attention and her MD prescribed an antibiotic to ensure against any bacterial infection. She has cleared up now and is glad she tried Bedrock Balm. She still has some just in case of future flareups. Thanks Bedrock!!

  113. April

    I’ve been loving how versatile the balm is, especially at this time of the year. My 4 year old, Jamison, has a chapped face when it’s dry and cold. I’ve been using the balm before he goes to bed and his face clears right up. It works like magic! This is a winner product for sure!

  114. Dianna W.

    I’ve been using Bedrock Balm on irritated skin after waxing – it works really well to to calm and soothe angry skin.

  115. Maria Cameron

    I have purchased the Bedrock Balm because of dry skin for both myself and my 4 year old daughter. In fact, my daughter’s hands were so bad that the skin on top of her hands was cracked and bleeding. The first day I put it on her hands she loved it right away. In fact, she really wanted to ensure that the white part stayed on rather than rub it all the way into her skin. So we lathered a lot on her hands. The next day her hands looked a lot better and within just a few days they healed really nicely. So I am definitely a fan and will continue to use it on dry skin especially hands and feet. Great product!

  116. CrystalZ

    I use this on everything from chapped hands, lips and cheeks, to shaving rashes and soothing my little girls diaper areas! Great to know we have a go-to product, with quality natural ingredients, for all of our skin issues, and all ages in our family of 7!

  117. Caitlin Hillary Moulding

    I bought this product for my daughter and she has seen a tremendous improvement in her acne. This has in turn improved her self-confidence and so I have a much happier 14 year old at home! My highest recommendation for Bedrock. Thank you!

  118. Kate Rouse

    My family loves Bedrock Balm!
    This product can be used for so many things!
    My 10 Year-Old Daughter LOVES our Bedrock Balm and pulls it out of the cupboard anytime she has dry spots and/or a red irritated spot on her skin. She loves the smell and the results speak for themselves! I believe this all natural product can be safely used on anyone in the family! Bedrock Balm is now a staple @ The Rouse House! Thank You!!!

  119. Boyce & Yvonne Wernet

    After receiving our Bedrock Balm, I was anxious to try it on an abrasion on my face close to my eye. Was leery to use anything on it before for fear of getting it in my eye, and sure enough, the Bedrock Balm is very soothing, and with no chemicals I don’t have to worry about getting it in my eye. After a few days, the redness is gone completely. Smells nice, not sticky or oily and just a nice comforting ‘balm’. Boyce too is using it on the sore spots on his head which didn’t want to go away, and likes the fact that it’s not greasy and oily, and the spots are slowly disappearing. We would highly recommend it for any skin problem you may have. Will use nothing else from now on. Thanks Rachel and Bedrock!!

  120. Alexis Tackett

    My daughter wears makeup for cheer competitions and her poor skin seems to have red bumps after every makeup application. We have started putting Bedrock on her skin after taking makeup off and the bumps are always gone by the next morning! Awesome product!

  121. Stephanie

    I use the product all the time and for everything. I love it for overnight rejuvenation of my skin…specially on my knuckles since they tend to dry out and crack in the winter. The balm stays on and makes a difference over night. I also use it on my elbows. They got dry this winter to the point of itching like crazy – I started using this at night and the itching is gone and dryness is going away. Now I have started to use this on my C section incision to help it heal and reduce the redness/scar. It’s way better than using neosporin because I can apply it and not have to worry about putting on a bandage like I would with neosporin. The lavender scent isn’t strong at all, which was one thing I was afraid of.

  122. Gwynn H

    I’ve been using Bedrock Balm for red, irritated skin on the sides of my nose. I am really noticing a difference. The skin looks much smoother. I also love the scent. I’m often bothered by scents, but this is very subtle and natural and I find it really pleasant.

  123. Christie Fankhauser

    I recently had an allergic reaction to my sunscreen moisturizer around my right eye that caused it to be very red and swollen. I used Bedrock Balm as an alternative to hydrocortisone and it worked amazingly at taking away the redness and swelling! I totally recommend!

  124. Ty Wernet

    For more than 90 days, I have been nursing a cut, burn, slice, and stabbed fore finger on my right hand, yep right handed, and no matter what I used, Neosporin, Nova Scotia fisherman rescue balm, Carmex, Aquaphor, all which helped but did not get me over the hump of healing my poor finger. Also it didn’t help with all of my keyboard/mouse use and garage puttering. I was discussing this with Rachel as we were pondering the poor finger and she said the Zinc balm would most likely help. So I bought it right then and there sitting on the couch using my iPhone. Less than 2 weeks later the finger (and me) is much happier, almost completely healed and I can get by without a constant bandaid. I am extremely pleased with the results and totally recommend this product. Thanks Rachel and Bedrock!!

  125. Sarah R

    My daughter has sensitive skin and a horrible habit of scratching until there is blood. She is 7 years old and always refuses to use lotions (too cold, too sticky, etc.). When I brought home Bedrock Balm I cautiously told her I had something I wanted her to try. She took one look and sniff and said, “OK” and applied the balm. She looked at me with surprise and said “I like this mom!” The best part is that it also works! Her rashes were under control in 2 days after applying balm twice a day. Thank you Bedrock!

  126. Julie

    I am extremely satisfied with the two Bedrock skin products that I recently purchased. After using the One and Done Bedrock Balm, the sore and redness above my lip was significantly reduced within one day and completely gone by the second day. I highly recommend this product!

  127. Melody Biringer

    I initially got Bedrock Balm for my husband’s red irritated nose, he calls it his miracle cream and now slathers it everywhere he has sensitive skin. I started using it on my lips and is our go to balm.

  128. Taryn Varady

    I love Bedrock Balm!! This is the one in all product that changes just about everything that goes wrong with my skin. I started using the product after my trip from Hawaii. I had a few dry red flaky patches of skin on my chin. After using Bedrock Balm on my skin overnight my patches we almost completely healed. Within two days I could barley see the redness. This product is perfect for the once a month stubborn imperfection that loves to show itself right before a big presentation. I use it overnight and the results are amazing.

  129. Caleb

    I have severe eczema and the Bedrock Balm has had a very calming effect on my skin. It helps to decrease irritation. The lavender scent is fresh!

  130. Christina

    I have been using Bedrock Balm for eczema on my hands. Works great! I try to avoid chemicals in all aspects of my life and that of my family. This product is exactly what I have been looking for – a non-toxic zinc oxide cream with minimal additives. The best part, it smells amazing!

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