About that zinc moisturizer ...

It’s still happening. I had wanted to get you the new zinc oxide moisturizer this summer, but it’s not ready. It takes the lab several months to get a formula good enough for me to review, and then every tweak I have, it goes back for another 8 - 12 weeks. Add another month for printing, three months for filling … you get the idea. Hoping end of the year.

If you missed it, here are the hints about your new stick skincare moisturizer:

  • It doesn’t have water in it
  • It’s not a liquid
  • It’s not in a jar
  • It’s not in a pump
  • It’s not in plastic

Not to rub it in, but I’m using the stick moisturizer sample daily and I’m OBSESSED. I use it on my lips, my face, my ankles, my neck, the back of my hands. It’s light yet luxurious, absorbs quickly and is deeply hydrating. I’ll stop because I know you can’t have it right now.

One new hint: the hero ingredient is carrot seed oil.

Stay in the glow,


P.S. If you missed our survey on what’s important to you in a moisturizer, you can read the moisturizer stick survey results here, or email me input anytime.