Ant bite cream

I make zinc skincare but I can also make magic in the kitchen. Lately I’ve been in a breakfast slump and knew it was time to feed my kiddos something new.

I imagined a single bite with oatmeal cookies and carrot cake and banana bread.

No recipe existed for this. I threw in four eggs, two cups of oats, three ripe bananas, pureed carrots, some oil, baking soda, brown sugar and voila! It’s DELISH. Crushed walnuts for the topping. I figure my kids are basically eating veggies, fruit, scrambled eggs and oatmeal for breakfast (#winning).

If you swung by our house, I’d feed you this morning glory and coffee with a quick Bedrock update:

Merch survey results - most all of you can imagine Bedrock as an outdoor brand, but there wasn’t a clear vision on what. Doesn’t seem like now is the time for tees or hats.

Bedrock Balm - our hero skin barrier product is going back into the lab because I don’t like the yellowing over time. The performance remains, but I want our Balm to stay snow white.

A zinc cleanser is on my mind. Have thoughts or opinions? Do you use an oil cleanser? Reply back and tell me what you want.

Baking and zinc-ing,


P.S. It’s almost Bedrock elf season. We are skincare that gives back. This is when you nominate a special group in your life to get free Bedrock products. Start thinking now.

P.P.S. Marla just restrocked Bedrock Balm for flying any bites - yikes! We love to hear what the Balm will be used for in your order note.