Ta-da! Bedrock Balm stick debut

You saw the future. Thanks for getting me there. You asked for Bedrock Balm, our itching cream and anti redness product, with an easy swipe and we made it for you in a compostable tube.

The Balm stick is joined by our snazzy new zinc deodorant design.

When I had that ah-ha moment at the skatepark, I was thinking about our O icon. Then I thought about stripes. I thought about color. It all came together in one blissful moment of design.

The wink to our hero ingredient zinc is found with color stripes that illustrate bedrock, subsoil and topsoil.

I’ve always had a thing for stripes. Give me rugby stripes, underwear stripes, awning stripes, pinstripes, candy stripes, rainbow stripes, Waldo stripes, or chevron stripes and I’m a happy camper.

These new sticks will add some happy to your shelf and joy to your skin.

Pretty little things,


P.S. If your holiday shopping has begun, we recommend our zinc skincare bundle for $10 off that includes both new sticks. The set is pictured below.

topical zinc for skin bedrock