Clean Beauty Awards | 1st Annual Bedrock Awards

Take a shower and haul out your heels. It’s time for the first ever Bedrock awards gala.

If you are reading this, it means you are on the Bedrock A-List. You’re invited to this red carpet post because influencers like you discover cool indie brands like us (thank you).

Get something bubbly and drumroll please:

Most orders of the year: Stephanie with 20+. Bedrock Balm is her go-to redness cream for skin around her feeding tube.

Best skin hacks of the year: Bedrock Balm as CPAP nose cream (Laura), Bedrock to soothe her mom's pain relief patch burn (Maggie), Bedrock to detox impurities and blackheads in ears from hearing aids (Marisa) and Bedrock to get rid of chalazion (Kate).   

Best before and after pictures: Barbarann’s perioral dermatitis drying out, Aspen’s redness after wearing a mask for a 12-hour hospital shift, and Autumn’s huge red bump on her knee anti redness cream before and after.

Best order note of the year: “First time customer. If this stuff works on my pores than it can help anyone.” Roo 

Best reviews of the year: “I am 41 and have struggled with adult acne for the past few years. Doctors put me on prescriptions to cure it which worked but wasn’t long lasting and caused other issues. I have been using Porefector for 4 weeks now. My face is clear and less red. I want to cry I'm so happy.” - Rachel

Katie: “I've had rashes and dry cracked skin under my arms, so bad that I could only shave once or twice a month. The doctor said that's just how your skin is and nothing can be done. Freshstick cleared it up!!! I could not believe it. The best.”

Best customer names of the year: Cookie, Mavel, Romi, Perdita, Mikken, Tove, Tabs, Neslee, Kofi, Romes, Hatti, Colee, Tavia, Kos, Michi, Croslei, Retta, Tahira, Seren, Valiie

Top hits of the year: Big Balm redness corrector cream, the Bedrock skincare bundle set and our new sporty Freshstick zinc based deodorant stripe design.

If your name is mentioned above, email for any Bedrock product on the house. Congratulations to our fabulous winners and honored nominees (the rest of ya).

Applause all around,


P.S. Did I miss an award category? Email and tell me what to add next year!