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Customers love our barrier skincare for the zinc oxide skin benefits. Check out these skincare testimonials below that help you shop by skin concern. 

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Bedrock skincare stories:

Acne prone skin care

Acne during period

After sun for face

Anti redness cream before and after

Anti rosacea

Armpit chafing rash

Armpit hair bumps

Barrier cream for face

Biodegradable deodorant

Boils on butt

Blackheads in ear

Blemish spot cream

Blister cream

Boob sweat

Bumps on face

C section scar cream

Chafing under boobs

Childrens skincare

Childrens face cream

Cold sore ointment 

CPAP nose cream

Cracked heel cream

Cracked skin on toe

Cradle cap ointment

Cuts and scrapes - zinc first aid cream

Cystic acne zinc

Deodorant after shaving

Deodorant for runners

Deodorant without baking soda

Deodorant for tweens

Dribble rash

Dry patches on face

Dry hands

Eczema ointment

Eczema - zinc oxide for eczema

Even skin tone cream

Eyelid cream for chalazion

G tube barrier cream

Heat bumps on face 

Hemorrhoid salve and hemmorhoid help

Hidradenitis suppurativa cream

Inflamed pimples

Ingrown hair solution

Irritated skin on hands

Itchy bumps on hairline

Itchy red bumps on face not acne

Jock itch - zinc for jock itch

Knee sleeve rash (or neck brace rash)

Large pore cream

Maskne solution

Maskne prevention

Mature skin rosacea

Mechanic hand lotion

Men's deodorant for sensitive skin

Men's deodorant for excessive sweating

Men's skin care for rosacea

Men's anti redness face cream

Natural skincare for acne prone skin

No stink deodorant

Painful pimples on back

Perioral dermatitis zinc

Perioral dermatitis cream for face

Pimples before and after

Pimple cream for sensitive skin

Pimple scarring

Pore minimizer

Pregnancy pimples

Prevent pimples

Psoriasis zinc cream

Razor bumps bikini line

Red patch on skin

Red skin around lips

Red skin on hands

Red warm bump on skin

Redness corrector

Redness cream

Redness on chest

Rosacea face cream

Rosacea inflamed skin

Rough and bumpy skin

Scar ointment for anti scar

Sensitive underarm skin

Shaved head bumps

Shingles solution

Skin scrape

Skin fold cream

Skin soothing cream

Stoma barrier cream

Teens deodorant

Underarm rash men

Watch band irritation